Accessible public services
anytime from any mobile device

Mobile Connect for public services

Mobile Connect, a mobile solution for better and safer online public services

By removing the existing barriers to access digital public services, it will be possible for the public administration to improve the awareness and use of its already availabe digital public services and start the conceptualisation of new services.

As we already know, the value of digital identity is evolving both for public and private service-providers. The success of e-Government services and the delivery of socio-economic benefits demand a secure, scalable digital identity solution that will enable trusted online interaction, foster innovation in digital services and strengthen cybersecurity.

Mobile authentication solutions can be considered as the key factor that eliminates access barriers to the online services that the public administration offers to citizens. By allowing access from anywhere and anytime, it will make possible to enhance the availability and visibility of services and reach out to a wider group of citizens.

The project

The main objective of this pilot project is to validate Mobile Connect for secure access through mobile devices to the digital public services. More precisely, the project can be described as a soft-launch that has two general objectives. Firstly, it seeks to check if the proposed mobile authentication solution is seen by the citizen as friendly and practical, and secondly, it attempts to reinforce its position as a truly improvement in comparison to other more conventional solutions.

Three municipalities of Catalonia will participate during 6 months in the pilot test: Manlleu, Castellar del Vallés and Esparreguera. Mobile Connect will be available for anyone using any of the online public services that are already available at each of the selected municipalities.


  • Universal solution for secure access to digital services.
  • Better user experience than other mechanisms in place (easier to use and equally secure) as no password is needed to access the service.
  • User control over data sharing.


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