Easy and secure access
to personal health data


Mobile Connect for health

Mobile Connect – a new standard for digital authentication

Pilot project to make clinical information more accessibile to patients, making use of Mobile Connect, the new standard in digital authentication.

Healthcare data and  information about individuals may be stored in many places. This project aims to encourage patients to go online and, using a simple and secure log-in solution, download and manage their health records.

The digital age has led to an unprecedented level of accessibility to information and online services. Very often in order to access this information users are required to create accounts, sign-up to websites and different applications, resulting in a need to remember many usernames and passwords. With such a high proportion of users forgetting their log-in details, there is a need for a secure solution that bypasses the issue of forgetting passwords, thereby keeping the user engaged and their data secure.

The project

Mobile Connect is a secure universal log-in solution. Simply by matching the user to their mobile phone, Mobile Connect allows them to log-in to websites and applications quickly without the need to remember passwords and usernames. It’s safe, secure and no personal information is shared without permission, making logging more private.

This project intends to integrate Mobile Connect into OpenCDE – the digital archive custody system used by private health organizations – to offer a new, simple, safe and secure way to log-in and manage health records.

Thus, patients can use their health data to improve their health, and to have more control over their personal health information.

    • Share health records (doctors, family members, caregivers).
    • Check to make sure the information is accurate and complete.
    • Keep track of when your child had his/her last vaccination.
    • Have your medical history available.
    • Plug your health information into apps and tools.








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